dreamt i was somewhere and talking with a guy with blonde hair who tuned out to be the booker for the diamond and when I told him who I was, he said in the past he had been at a party at my house. I realized I sort of recognized his blonde hair from that party too. We had a favourable conversation about working together or him recommending me to an established booking agent. Then I went into the kitchen, which was industrial and old. I was cooking something while nearby Stella Walker and Levi MacDougall were reminiscing or joshing each other, more like Levi telling her jokes and a fire broke out on the elements. I realized it was serious and even approaching electrical wires. I urgently asked if anyone saw a towel, I couldn’t find one. Started running toward the bathroom all the while looking for anything resembling a towel that could be made wet and started yelling to everyone there is a fire do they see a towel. Realizing it could be catastrophic. In the bathroom there was only paper towel and I grabbed a bunch, made it wet, ran back and it worked . Extinguished the fire. We lived. False alarm.

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