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Scott Thompson from Kids In The Hall has a band called Mouth Congress. I am working on adding piano and miscellaneous electronics to three of their songs. It is fun locking into how to bring out this nuance or that one. Much of it is raw, I am good with raw. There are moments when the bass and guitar do not follow the melodic sense of the singer. It is a curious moment when that happens, the usual production values of the usual people in studios might throw up flags and whistle for time out. Do not continue until you fix that wrong thing. But one can find moments of mistakes on records they grew up with, even very famous recordings like New Morning or Imagine. If they love the song, then not too many care about a wrong chord. It is also fun to point it out and see what the band thinks, if they care. I like both worlds, the high production values and the 8track players, everything has its charm.

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