Miles simply said he was studying Stockhausen, “I got further and further into the idea of music as a process. I had always written in a circular way and through Stockhausen I could see that I didn’t want to ever play again from eight bars to eight bars”. If one believes music is a process, doesn’t it make sense to expand your musical experiences for the sake of the music? Apparently, Bitches Brew is the single most controversial recording in jazz music. I read how some fans felt betrayed and critics were dismayed. He was accused of destroying jazz. It surprises me that Cornel West gets flak from democratic party members for wanting to challenge Biden. Biden, the guy who speaks incoherently, falls asleep on people or touches them inappropriately but more importantly is the appointed employee of the month maintaining profits for the usual business of war machinery secure. Really Bernie Sanders? Really AOC? I thought they were supposedly about being different than supporting the corporate establishment candidate. What is it about the light of the radicals that makes so many bark and scream and contradict themselves?

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