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I find Elaine May intriguing. I watched two of her films, Mickey & Nicky and A New Leaf. I liked her in Woody Allen’s film with Tracey Ullman and I like listening to her and Mike Nichols in the 50s making comedy records. She is in her 90s. I want to see the original Heartbreak Kid and Ishtar but so far can’t find them streaming where my free college subscriptions work. Probably have to pay and give up the Kanopy and Criterion student status. Since returning to school I have not scored much, nothing like my previous 90s identity. This adds to the pleasure of making Lessons in Obscurity, the current comedy with Rob Stefaniuk. I not only get to act and write but I can screw around with the music. It is too much fun and I have to remind myself it will ultimately be rejected and stop believing it will take off and position me like someone who just rubbed a magic genie. I added strings, high quality I might add. If you were a violinist or a cellist you might ask who played the part and be disappointed to find out just the little midi pianist. Rob and I get along very well or else time simply taught me how to get good at not fighting. I sense Elaine May also got good at that because Ishtar is famously buried in stories about having had a budget that went way out of control. From the outside it seems a toxic story where she is blamed for being inexperienced, for not being funny enough or for being female. I bet the truth is something else, usually always is.


  1. Is Lessons in Security a theatre show, Bob, or a film? If the former, I’ll be s.o.l. out here and never get to see it.


  2. Oops. Well you know what I meant. OBscurity. I blame spellcheck but maybe I shouldn’t.


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