Holted In My Tracks


Michael Holt (winner of Mr. New Age 1993) this morning sent me this special performance from Sweden. He changed some of the lyrics to my song (improved maybe) and why not? If a cover song has power it should be in the reinterpretation. Take that Mr. Brennan.

I get a lot of pleasure from the covers Bryan Ferry has done of Bob Dylan & John Lennon & the new old style orchestra Bryan Ferry album is incredible.

Does anyone remember when John Lennon was murdered and days passed and people were miserable and catatonic in disbelief. Suddenly with no fanfareĀ  Roxy music released a single of Jealous Guy and all that was written on the sleeve was the title of the song and the words “a tribute”. That was healing at least for me and it was a different interpretation. Different interpretations rule.


  1. true to your word, when you first
    heard that I had changed, “We’re just tourists…”
    to “We’re just tourists…with Tourette’s” your
    jovial equanimity was sincere.


  2. I give up!!!!! You don’t have an email address any more???? hmmmm??? Well I just wanted to send you a document I composed a couple of years ago — just cause today I noticed you are the ‘runner up’ in best singer songwriter of Toronto in Now….. and its been in my to-do pile of stuff for well… a couple of years! Good to see your name in print, as usual.


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