on the elevator

Last interview for my final project. Will transcribe it and then stare at all my data and hope magically it transforms itself into something worth a Masters.¬†From behind, the man in this subway car looks like Bernie Sanders, he’s even facing left. I guess he needs a break or just always wanted to ride the Bloor line. The project looks at how songwriting makes changes, alter one’s state. It took some warming up but eventually my last interviewee shared useful insights especially about his own childhood and what music did for him to get through pain. Maybe if song can make change it uses the same strategy as Bernie Sanders. Telling a truth over and over until the chorus is stuck in your head. We share similar concerns about violence happening to progressives like Bernie which isn’t only a political statistic. Fela Kuti put in jail because of his music, Pussy Riot too. Lennon says they’re bigger than Jesus and some go batshit crazy entirely misunderstanding what he was talking about. There are always 5 or 6 songs going off in the head that can’t be turned off, only ignored. Much about the mind is like a bad radio station, we are trapped in an elevator with unblockable speakers. Too late to change the thesis into the art of ignoring bad radio. The man who looks like Bernie got off at Queen’s Park, no surprise.

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