In the 20s there was a lot of imaginary pressure to become something like other people did in their 20s, and a lot of  judgement if one didn’t reach the same heights. The music often was competitive.

The 30s were surprising for eliminating all that pressure of the 20s. The 30s was like winning a replay.  You knew you were not cool to people in their 20s but you realized the same possibilities still exist – because you are still alive. The music had a different maturity.

The 40s were about compassion because not so long ago you were in your 20s and the idea of someone being in their 40s was like someone who is put out to pasture. Once you got there, you realized you are the same as the person you previously were. That shock opened compassion towards the  10, 20 or 30 years older. Clearly they experience this too. The lesson was grasping how we are all the same and best reconsider what’s what. The music had a different pleasure in experimentation.

The 50s are realizing you did climb the mountain. It happened sometime behind you when you weren’t looking and now you’re heading down. Who knows how fast but the ride is ending. The new norm is asking similar people how is your health? The music had a different way of being because it was concentrated differently. No room for fluff.

The 60s needs a little more seasoning and processing before the update.

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  1. I really get what you say about the 50s and how that decade’s perspective opens one’s eyes to the misperceptions of generations older than our own. Exactly right. -Kate


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