later that day

teacher 1: did you quote me?

teacher 2: I paraphrased.

teacher 1: did anyone follow it?

teacher 2: yes and no.

teacher 1: let me guess. they thought i was mean.

teacher 2: yes, some of them.

teacher 1: triggered.

teacher 2: definitely.

teacher 1: but did anyone see beyond the words? did anyone get it? about changeability?

teacher 2: the thing is the people who get it don’t need to leave a comment.

teacher 1: don’t need to tell you how much you should be like them.

teacher 2: they just get it and enjoy it.

teacher 1: i get it.

teacher 2: like concerts sometimes.

teacher 1: like only talking about Sun Ra’s clothes vs. the music?

teacher 2: right.

teacher:1 did you quote me about some of them being so bad i can’t take it?

teacher 2: i did.

teacher 1: good.

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