dream last night

In my dream last night, I saw an old friend who died years ago. He was walking down a corridor in a restaurant exactly as I remember him. My first thoughts were that he had faked his death.  I wondered what he had to gain. Next thing it was just good to see him alive again. In class students talked about dreams but career dreams, future fantasies. One twenty year old woman read a poem addressed to her ten year old self. She said she wants to reassure her younger self she will one day own a condominium. I was a very different ten year old, I just wanted revenge. The student who always calls me sir, wants to be my buddy and played me Alice in Chains saying,  “Sir I’m sure you know this.” Unfortunately, I replied honestly. Poor guy studies with a man who doesn’t know any Alice in Chains. The interesting thing after waking up, is reflecting on the two selves. The one I appeared to be in dream vs. the one I appear to be in wakefulness. Does the difference between them prove something about appearing to be?

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