matt taibbi

As the expert from Memphis, Tennessee once sung, Who’s Zooming Who? I find Matt Taibbi’s journalism so impressive whether writing about who from Wall Street is too big to go to jail to the fantasies of viewing sports instead of playing them. Watching some footage defending his reporting of the uncensored Twitter files. The story gets convoluted because those questioning him frame it as espionage instead of censorship. They want it understood that this is nothing but the evil energy of Elon Musk. How dare he expose secret message censoring, hidden from the public. It was for their own good. Make sense much? The premise is that it is not democratic to understand communications between government and business. Whoever would allow the public to see the unfiltered truth is probably a double agent with a hidden agenda to destroy America. I can’t believe how many years I thought the left and the right were not the same thing.
But isn’t this cacophony also the stuff of the mind? Just try holding yourself accountable. Try telling yourself to quit that bad habit or stick to your diet or do your homework or stop being an asshole to your sister….and just how fast won’t it happen. Irrational demands emit from mission control, presto. The cacophony, the outrage, the insecurity, the anguish. Is that not nature? I play the students Captain Beefheart. They can’t believe anybody thought he was a musician or took him seriously. I feel the same about Ed Sheeran but what pointless war transpires between me and them if I say it out loud.

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