randy buhr

I made friends with some heavy characters in high school, I think I sought them out partly because I had spent 9 years in Jewish Schools – couldn’t take it any more. Knew the world was populated with many other kinds of people and I wanted to meet them. At one point Randy Buhr told me Wiseman you’re the only good kike in this school. That was fine, I had my eye on the prize, on what was inferred which meant more. It meant there was a voice inside his brain, now alive and kicking, ┬áconfronting another voice in his brain that had previously been holding the steering column. The new voice implied if Wiseman is likeable then Jews aren’t only one thing like you thought, it means there was a problem with his logic. Wrote a song about that sort of thing called Man From Glad, about indifference to hostile words no matter how strong for keeping one’s eye on a different prize the one of actual change.

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