the rest of life

You can’t do anything with intellectually understanding you are not here. you can be walked through understanding it. you can be shown that the brain generates words for itself to hear, creating the illusion of being a something separate in the universe. This, despite the fact that what you call you is not capable of stopping the mechanical thought generations which it takes as proof it is distinct and separate from the rest of life’s manifestations of life. It’s all about that story of the confusion between the two young fish who pass an older fish swimming one morning and after the older fish says hows the water today boys, after they look at each other and one asks what’s water? That’s how it is with the mind and believing you are a you except in those spaces of creating. Whatever shape they take, gone is the thought machine or at least it is relegated to being wallpaper and something else about existing and experiencing life gets to enjoy and be closer to the rest of life. that’s what makes that space of improvisation so moving.

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