There is a chemical reaction between people, sometimes like an explosion, vinegar added to baking soda, predictable every time, mechanical. Is there any point in getting angry at a toothpick? Damn you, dumb little stick. Doesn’t do much, still a toothpick.
There was a musician I knew, who had many buttons, he was a little obsessive with anger. He won an award from the city he lived in, recognition for his musical contributions over many years. He used that moment at City Hall with cameras rolling, to tell them off. That was his way. Made me think about Leonard Cohen’s acceptance speech when inducted into the Hall of Fame at the Junos. I bet he also had some buttons pressed about the music business but he used those fifteen minutes to speak eloquently about music, compassion and writing.         
Blew it in the sauna at the Y last night when the old codger started spouting pro Trumpness and racist gas lighting about Obama, and Jew hating about Bernie. I watched my buttons depress and I thought about the pointlessness of telling him off or fighting with him. Would it be any different than trying to convince air conditioner that it is a fountain pen? Fatal moment, equating his superior knowledge with the fact he once took a political science course. I said something sarcastic but it didn’t make sense to him and the other two men remained silent. Then I said I can’t take this anymore and walked out. Not much of a win.

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