one of my piano students asked about the cast on my forearm. after my confession he insisted i see michelle, the miracle worker physiotherapist that rescued his back problem years ago, i have already seen two physiotherapists but ok, i appreciate enthusiasm. when my student raved about everything k-pop and listed six “must hear” bands, i diligently checked each out. yawn. today was the appointment and i expected to feel like i wasted money but she was as talented as he said. a year with pain is a long time and you start to think it isn’t in the cards to regain what was previously normal. it’s the god damn median nerve. i might even get fixed. rehung ray’s art show in the morning under the direction of soozie schlanger who upon seeing what i had done last week, gave me shit for using art in all the wrong ways. just filling the space of the room instead of making the room bend to the art. looks better now, learned something from watching her process. inspired to call other art friends. two more shows now lined up. must add curator to my cv. fifteen years ago joined the board of lift (liaison of independent filmmakers of toronto). before roberto ariganello died, he made me feel welcome as a community member there. he was a kind, funny, creative man and i’m glad he suggested it. at one point we started going through cvs of potential artists in residence and realized i myself i have no cv. it was a great wake up call, as an artist, about the value and usefulness to have something like that, and update it as life does its dance with you. never know when you can add a university degree, kombucha maker or tranzac curator.

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