in-between cakes

A well known singer admired a Toronto pop keyboardist and asked if they were open to teaching. They arranged to meet at the Royal York Hotel when the singer had an engagement at Skydome. When the date arrived the keyboardist was taken to the floor of the hotel where there was a rehearsal room with a white grand piano and plates of fruit and fancy French cakes. The artist acted apologetic about their music and embarrassed by their technique. They had many negative judgements about themselves, so much that pop-guy told them to try turning them off or see a psychiatrist, “it’s a distraction you don’t need.” The well known performer asked, “You don’t have voices in your head?” and the lesser known man, munching on his second croquembouche replied, “yes I do too, but they’re just managers or agents I’m contractually obligated to work with. That doesn’t mean you have to believe them or respect them”.

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