fear of bouncers

At the conference there was a panel discussion about music & spiritual experiences. Someone raised their hand and relayed an experience about a certain piece of music in 1993, they said when they heard it they found god. The weird thing about a person talking like that is whatever you think god is, could never be something you are separate from. You didn’t invent your cellular activity, your toenails or your thoughts. If there is god it isn’t outside somewhere waiting for the two of you to hi five. Finding god, like looking for god, implies god occupies a separate space somewhere. It might be instead that the force of life inside everything that is living is a unifying force of life, doing what it’s suppose to do. Like the way your cells know how to react to a bee sting or the way the Earth knows to be rotating or the way your mind is certain that you are a separate creature and everything else is separate from everything else. I wondered if I shared this position with a fellow participant, if they would be amused or call security on me.
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