You are standing on level ground walking and you think you can go wherever you wish, to the right, to the left but whether you think about it or not, gravity is sucking at you. That’s just like the mind’s relationship with thinking, we be thinking machines. A perpetual thing. You think horrible thoughts, beautiful thoughts, generous thoughts, selfish thoughts, there is no control or ethics involved. It’s non-stop, you’re born into it. A force you adjust to as if it was no force at all. People might say they think their own thoughts, they’re a Jets fan, they can think about a 6 cylinder motor, they can think about hummus made with or without oil but can they stop thinking? You can build a rocket ship but you can’t stop gravity. You can stare at a candle or repeat a mantra (Honest Ed, Honest Ed, Honest Ed) but to realize you stopped thought is just another thought. I asked my 7 yr. old, Can you just experience the now? Is it possible? She found this very amusing and laughed about it. It’s there for musicians, at least the ones that attract me, entering into a sustained state of nowness. Sort of like a trapeze. The improvisational world is pretty close to gravity defying unless you catch yourself thinking about it.

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