what’s wrong with this picture

The film studies teacher provided their synopsis of the movie, then assigned the class to sort out how the director conveyed Donna and Kenny’s points of view. Most papers made the same conclusion about the mother’s affect, how it was conveyed through lighting and different camera angles but one student cited the absence of music to explain how the director made his points because to have music would be disrespectful to the overall goal he wanted to achieve, so wrote she. Kenny was a kid who played all the competitions and sometimes did better than other kids. Donna, his mother, was always present, stern, loud and judgemental remarks about her son’s performance despite herself not knowing how to play. Everyone knew at home Kenny lived a rigid life and rehearsal schedule. He ran away as a teenager and as an adult he never played music. Donna wrote in her journal I tried my best, everything I did was just to help him succeed and look what happened.

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