the marks

At the end of the 3rd class tall young man approached me about the open stage each student is supposed to perform at three times during the semester. Asks mr discreetly how much the total mark is for playing the open stage. I realize a moment later he wants to know if it’s worth losing the 10 or 15% to not play and I ask him is that what he’s thinking. He smiles yes. You afraid of playing in front of people? He smiles bigger and more animated. I tell him it probably means he is afraid of looking foolish. Now he’s moving his smile at high speed. There’s a lot of this among younger people even though they signed up to study songs and performing them but they wonder if it’s worth the mighty horrible confrontation of other people’s gaze. I don’t help much when I start laughing. But on another planet in another universe someone similar sees their teacher start laughing and then says to themselves, shit, it doesn’t have to be such a big deal, ok let’s go.

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