Long ago, she wrote a review about an improv group for a music magazine. She had previously seen them play several times, it was also a novelty that a famous visual artist was a member of the band but the one who played bass and electronics, she found very dull and more or less said so in the review. Later, Mr. Fame confronted her to say she had to apologize to the dull bass player who’s feelings were hurt. She thought why? It’s an article about my perception and that’s what I experienced, I think most people have the same conclusions as I did watching/ listening to your performance. He was annoyed and becoming more short tempered. Look he said, you have to apologize because what you did was wrong. She apologized, not because she believed she should but because she hoped to do future projects with Mr. Fame which it seemed to her she would now never happen if she stood on principle. The following year, just as she hoped, she did two shows with him which helped her pivot into other work which was valuable for her career. She spoke to my class last year and after relaying that story, one student asked if you have to sell your soul to be in the music business. I liked her answer, darling, you can try to sell your soul but it’ll still be there later, a soul isn’t a bugle or a poodle. A soul is as bendable as a yoga master but perhaps what you are really asking is does one have to be an asshole and the answer is personal, it’s about that holy space that the two Bobs, Marley and Dylan sing about so authoritatively, it’s about the I and I.

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