george not paul

at first when the new song started he felt a little regret the opening lyric wouldn’t make enough sense to people unless he added more information and then considered why don’t i intentionally finish this and keep it to just things i understand. he did just that and noticed a different sense of freedom, in a way a suspension of judgement. the song itself was about family members who since passed on and dynamics between all of them. he played the open stage enough to know when people were bored and tonight a lot of them paid attention, more than usual. i liked that new song about the dogs in the winter time, i liked what you meant about when you lose a job, i liked the anti-war thing you were talking about in the chorus of that song tonight. none of their comments made any sense to him but he didn’t correct them. he had done that in the past and regretted it, just made people feel hurt. this feedback was a nice problem because it wasn’t a problem at all. he could extend the same line of thought to here and now, just as only he knew the meaning of the song, so did others think they did too. the fact that they were different was as fair as someone insisting it must be muhammad not vishnu, coke not pepsi, cardi b not candace owens. and so the next one started.

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