mister pickens

There was a band years ago, in the scene I also played in, that many other people played in, a band as far as I remember that wasn’t positioned with any record label of note, that wasn’t on anyone’s radar. The Hopping Penguins, a name I found pretty uninteresting similar to Itsa Skitsa a band I found pretty amazing except the name. oy. And so I read earlier that Chris Taylor, who I think back then was from the Hopping Penguins who later became a lawyer and later specifically an entertainment lawyer and later the guy behind Nellie Furtado which resulted in him becoming the guy behind a wave of other people (including Drake, Avril Lavigne) because it works like that, a simple twist of fate. The story went on that Hasbro just sold their stake in the company which he runs now in Los Angeles for 350 million dollars. Slim Pickens wrote that after he got the job in Dr. Strangelove, due to Peter Sellers spraining his ankle and after he rode the H bomb to his characters destiny, he no longer went by the name he became accustomed to in the film business, which was “hey you”. Now, he was Mr. Pickens plus had his own dressing room. I liked when you trace how things go from A to B that many parts are random events, I like what that does to the experts.

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