I went for a walk after 1am a couple nights ago and before I went one block there by Glenlake and Indian Rd. was a coyote. It looked like a dog but moved differently, swiftly, indifferent to a person, on a mission. They have pictures through High Park of coyotes and I have seen them twice or three times during the last year, each time it’s a momentary passing, sort of ghost thing and despite looking like a dog, the vibe is not dog-like. Coyote scurried down Glenlake towards Keele and moved into the shadows of lawns and looked ready to play statue a long time if necessary. I changed sides of the street like when a woman is walking at night towards my direction, it seems easier for everyone else’s reality, me, the coyote, the woman. I read somewhere that Sam Shepard was the subject when she wrote Coyote. That was an excellent tangent, everything about Hejira that is – from Pastorius to Toller Cranston. Took me more than two decades to grasp that throughout her work it’s open tunings. I thought it was just a novelty on one or two songs but it’s her usual way to write if she’s using six strings, another nice thing about the Youtube century, people on command showing fools like me exactly which open tuning she uses in which song.

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