Dave’s Turn

They are supposed to each bring a song to class that demonstrates something that blew them away, whatever that means to each student. One day when it was Dave’s turn he played a song which was offensive and I wasn’t prepared for this to happen, started before I could think and then it was upon us, at the last second he said “this is a very heavy rap and sometimes it even makes me cry”. Not a bad intro, raised everyone’s curiosity and then just before hitting play added, “oh yeah and if anybody doesn’t like hearing about sexual assault ..just a heads up” poof. He starts the song. The lyrics didn’t come into play at first but eventually the narrator tells a story and it’s a whole mess of danger including a sequence about thugs abducting and assaulting a woman and later a twist that one of the thugs commits suicide after realizing the victim is his mother. The student who chose the song believes the rapper is doing something for the benefit of women and issues of women who have been assaulted, maybe that’s the way to see it and he explains the singer is an activist and performs at benefits. I see he has gazillions of Youtube views and a gazillion subscribers, he might be an activist but he also is a very very well paid activist from the success of his material. This annoys Dave, the insinuation things might not be as they appear, but a couple others give us a thumbs up. I don’t mind dealing with anything that comes up discussing song but it is a different distraction to remember I’m also an employee of an institution. From now on need to be more diligent about homework, at least know the songs in advance.

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  1. ‘Gazillion’ is in Merriam Webster’s dictionary, as is the word ‘zillion’. Surprises.


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