to cite or not to cite

A friend said my project might appreciate W.G. Sebald and I think she was right based on what I’ve so far found especially an online doc. At the grad student meeting they said one has to do a lit review and I wonder how I will pull that off since my proposal is writing a book about my experiences. How do I cite other peoples’ work for that? That might be where Sebald comes in. Similar problem after I made a proposal to the Journal of Management, Spirituality and Religion. They had a call out for papers on the Liminality of Human Experience. I proposed writing on ideas regarding how imagination works and proposed doing this through songs, poems and prose. Then they wrote me back my proposal passed their jury but they want to make sure I use the usual citations, shrug. I understand their view but for me it is like being asked to proceed swimming across the channel but please do it with this 50 pound weight tied around you, ok? Often when I attend performances and musicians have scores before them, I wonder what the difference is between knowing it off be heart or reading it. My suspicion is to know it off by heart is more powerful because it is one less activity which removes one from being directly involved. Many musicians would disagree with me, I understand that but imagine if actors always performed with the script in their hands.

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