so much sugar

i asked a pro for advice, she said write a script and so i did but it sounds like someone reading a script. i start again. the sound of acting makes for a less interesting recording. it’s always fun to be on fire in a recording studio. i’m improvising now – better results. will record a couple interviews next week which will also make it crazier to edit but the promise of more interesting elements too, i asked for this. the podcast about people who don’t hear a hit song unless it’s made to resonate with their bias, not sure what to call it. mark lerner did the artwork for my last record, i found his ability to find patterns/ see patterns unique and inspiring. i want to send him the pilot when it’s done and see if anything occurs to him as a name. one day maybe i will have collaborators, a producer or an engineer but for now just make it all work, ad hoc.

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