the bar mitzvah anniversary

Tahini, lemon juice, maple syrup, garlic powder, white pepper, water. The electric machines are too much trouble, just a bowl and a spoon made this dressing. In recent years played with what can I do without oil for dressings, always seemed not too sexy, but no more. The Art Tatum arpeggios turn out to not be too different than some things I knew from blues piano but only realized all these weeks later. It’s nice when you see how things fit together or are even interchangeable but you can’t understand from just words, you have to live it. Like telling a twelve year old what it’s like to be twenty-five or telling a twenty-five year old what it’s like to be forty. It is not possible to understand before physically arriving. A student one time in the beaches got very emotional and cried her eyes out over a little improvising exercise. Everything clicked suddenly, all the things people had said which didn’t make sense before, and now she caught a wave and was on her board balancing, looking at me like she couldn’t believe surfing really was a thing and she could too. Bought quarter round and baseboards for the new floor for my daughter’s room. She used to be about pink everything, now it’s turquoise. I painted them in the sun today. This might be the first time in my painting life that I didn’t get paint remnants all over my clothes and skin. I tried to get her to eat salad earlier this year, it became my project to convince her. She was having none of it. Then I started to cut up vegetables and put them in front of her, cucumbers and tomatoes especially disappeared. Part of how this trick works, is that one party has to give up their assumptions about how things work, presto.

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