the red blinking light

A student three years ago wrote a song about making up tricks to avoid disaster. When I asked her more about the background of the tale she said she used to have panic attacks but learned to fool herself out of it. Her song made me think about my own techniques to avoid disasters, even touring disasters with theft at home. Before moving into where I now live, the previous tenants warned about a break in that happened to this location in previous years. Sometimes ideas about alarm systems swirl through my mind. My sense is whoever looks to break in to a house might be disinclined by motion lights, stickers of alarm companies or beware of dogs signs, which is what I did even though I don’t have one. Recently half of it fell off and I don’t mind for now it just says BEWARE. I had a large van for touring music with bands in the 90s & 2000s. I used a rubber snake for security, maybe we purchased that in New Mexico. It was thick and coiled seven times around. Many people were shocked when they saw it seeming peacefully asleep on the dash. One time when we needed a tow the driver refused, he was freaked by the rattler. When car alarms first appeared with their flashing red pin lights, I bought a $2 gizmo that imitated it and never lost an amp, guitar or pedal.

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