Kid asks about division and multiplication. They are hard ideas to understand and at the same time easy if you already understand them. Like being asked a question about a key signature. Sometimes I know her eyes glaze over when I try explaining how it works. I love this game. The game is can I make the explanation good enough that her eyes don’t glaze over. Every teacher should be tested on whether they can explain something without the eyes of the student glazing over. I could get behind B.F. Skinner if it was the teachers who get the shocks. She reached a saturation point and I stopped trying to fill in the blanks. Multiplication especially confuses her, what does it mean, why is it different than addition? Trying to find the right words confuses me too. I said something to explain multiplication, about seeing two ants and later a dozen and later forty. The Skinner machine lit up and I was got buzzed properly, try again.

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