foucault and the beatles

I’m reading Michel Foucault’s Discipline and Punishment. It has horrible imagery off the top, details of 250 year old public executions, had to skip. Too graphic to handle, for me anyway, which is not to say I think unspeakable histories of humankind should be secret, I just can’t handle it, though it does lead one into thinking long about the rules we break or adhere to and the history of performing punishment. He has interesting questions surrounding these circumstances, I didn’t expect anything less. So far it leaves me thinking about the changes in society, how now there might be a killer is on the loose, a serial killer and the difference between social fears of a monster and how not too long ago society was ok with being the monster themselves, drawn out public tortures. I find myself singing Leonard Cohen’s line, I’ve seen the future brother, it’s murder. A busker was playing Bird On A Wire outside the corner of Brunswick and Bloor yesterday as I worked a little more at the Tranzac on my hopeful radio idea. She sung through some battery operated loud speaker, next she sung Put A Little Love in Your Heart which stayed on loop with me a few hours. I’m far from well read on Monsieur Foucault but I think it’ll be useful for my academic situation. He is referenced often and I don’t sense everyone who references him, gets him. Like the way people talk about everything else from motorcycles to microphones, Meatloaf to Mingus. I think there are some parallels in his writing to other works I’m studying, like hearing a similar melody in two different songs and then it hit me, isn’t it the verse melody to Put A Little Love in Your Herat the same as Baby You’re A Rich Man?

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