about orange

I don’t have Covid but went for the test yesterday because I had a fever, cramps and fatigue. Stomach flu or maybe that old hot sauce I smeared on leftovers…don’t know. Still horizontal but good to know a quarantine is not in order. Marking papers for the film course, lot of very bad writing, bad grammar, unimaginative language but in order to address anything like that means spending a lot of time explaining it in a way that’s hopefully useful to read and not judgemental and attacking, in many ways it would be easier to overlook it. I don’t doubt for that reason lots is overlooked all the time, because it’s easier. Started reading Writing Down The Bones by Natalie Goldberg which was recommended to me, very inspiring for my songwriting course. Her views on writing are interchangeable with songwriting plus it gives me other ideas for exercises in class, I think next year I’m going to have sessions at the top of class where people have to write on something real or abstract, free writing, writing with little editor thinking. Write about the colour orange for 5 minutes or write about the toppling Ryerson’s statue for 5 minutes. It’s nice to feel excited about something you’ve done before that you’re growing.

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