why dogs sniff assholes

student: do you think improvising is about the future?

teacher: i think it’s more about the now.

student: what’s the now? like you mean right now?

teacher: yesiree bob.

student: i think it’s about the past and the future.

teacher: how is that?

student: because so much was done in the past and so much will be done in the future.

teacher: some say there’s no such thing.

student: they must be crazy.

teacher: i think i understand their point.

student: what’s their point?

teacher: the only thing that actually exists is now.

student: but now isn’t something you can catch, it’s never still, so it doesn’t exist either.

teacher: are you trying to put me out of a job?

student: i’m trying to be a good player.

teacher: you are a good player.

student: so then nothing exists – but here we are apparently existing. how do you explain that?

teacher: what does it matter if you can explain it. can you explain why your heart pumps, why there is a sun, why dogs sniff each others assholes, why gypsy caterpillars hang on threads so thin you could say they float in the air?

student: i exist

teacher: you want a medal?

student: i just want to talk about improvising.

teacher: you’re doing it, do you know what you’ll say next?

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