driving tricks

I’m working on that scale I found on Youtube after marvelling at Dorothy, also working at getting my left hand to reply pentatonic things the right can do by thinking about the symmetry which is proving pleasurable and continuing to work at the scale learned from Art Tatum blogs, the one that mixes C and C#. The confusing part of the Tatum, scale is trying to get to where the hand does it without the mind thinking about it. It’s such a peculiar destination and it’s the place all of us want to go when executing complex sequences. How soon can the body take over. I try to do it fast, can’t help it. Some glimpses of the speed are presenting themselves and some car crashes too. Such a strange thing when you think about it. The faster I get at it the more I can’t think about it. The more I think about it while doing it, the more likely I screw up. We all know to think too much while it is happening can make the lone trapeze artist fall to the ground. It’s almost like the trick is trying to get to a place where you will be the audience member with the best seat. I remember being sixteen and Nancy Glazerman being sixteen and she just got her driver’s license and we drove somewhere together and I turned the radio on and she said don’t. I said why not? She said I don’t know yet how to drive with the radio on.

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