the story in her fingers

I found an unexpected monster on Youtube, an old woman named Dorothy Donegan playing Misty with the same ownership and virtuosity as Erroll Garner. One can’t watch and not think about the smile on his face if he could be there too, which is not to say she is an imitator. He just would recognize they come from the same country, population two. Then she suddenly does an amazing chromatic gesture, up and down with her right hand. Seemed like it was in thirds, but when I went to the piano it baffled me until remembering you generally find anything on Youtube. Presto. Fantastico. Now I have a plan for the rest of summer. Read her wiki, she was Art Tatum’s student and he said she made him have to practice. She wasn’t celebrated properly, wasn’t paid the same as men, there’s probably a lot more to her story but the story in her fingers is worth viewing anytime on the tube of You.

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