I’m ill in recent days, probably food poisoning, it is interesting how trying to get better works. For instance, I’m trying to control parts of my body but it is beyond my control. The big reveal is grasping you are the part of the brain that thinks it knows shit but don’t. The rest of the brain knows everything, regulates temperatures, sends out fighters of invading bacteria, attacks inflammation. In fact, it created me to be in this position. To delusionally believe I am in control of the ship; the one that the brain steers. Could it be steering me believing I’m in charge? It only takes 3 seconds to know who’s in control. Any part of you seriously hurt – your heart, your bones, your bowels and then you pray to rest-of-brain to save us. Even if you acquire medicine, natural remedies or prescription drugs, it is the process of what happens between those substances and the body, controlled by the rest of the brain, that execute the hopeful repair. You are a bystander wishing for a healthier outcome. I bet it wasn’t easy if you were Count Basie or Duke Ellington to remember, just because it’s named after you and you face the orchestra, that doesn’t mean you aren’t coexisting in an illusion.

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