the errorless arpeggio

An unusual dream I woke up from and wanted to write down before the waves of memory dissolve back to the ocean. I was performing in Newfoundland, myself and others. Later in a bar around long tables, people were drinking or smoking up and music was playing overhead. At a certain moment a Sam Larkin song played and I moved away from the table strangely and over to an upright piano just to amuse myself playing along to the song heard from speakers. The best part was what happened at the piano. I played as fast as I could and changed it up frequently, moved diatonically and playing arpeggios thinking that isn’t what I ordinarily ever do and I never pull off that kind of velocity but now it all flowed. I was positioned to just watch myself do these gymnastics and soak in the joy of it being clear and errorless. When I finished I shrugged about not recording it and probably never will experience this type of thing again. An old friend was there and she understood it was cathartic for not only me but others too and she said she recorded it. It was so pleasing to hear that. Then someone else, a stage manager type approached me and said he too recorded the whole thing. No deep meaning as far as I can sense except the pleasure of emotional satisfaction.

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