as above so behind

Last night dreamt I did the Yoga move standing on one foot reaching over the head grabbing the other foot, sort of a sling shot posture. It was very easy in the dream and I wondered why I never tried this before or realized it is this simple, presto. But upon waking up, knew this is not the same dimension. Mark Critchley posted a Boogie Woogie called Tork It Bogie. I made a response Boogie just wearing a touque, hope he gets it. Unfortunately I cannot upload it, my Mac died last Friday. The home screen shows only a circle with a line through it. Repair guy says it might be toast. .Back in grade 3 at Hebrew school, the middle aged Israeli teacher (her name might have been Mrs. Benyahu) told us about King David and how he prayed when his child was ill and dying. He prayed and prayed and prayed to the big cheese in the sky but the boy still died, and then he stopped. She asked us why he stopped pleading and praying to God. I thought this was a great puzzle. We all tried to solve it. She seemed very pleased with herself when she answered maybe because it was over, the child was dead, no point crying or pleading any further. I was a little pissed off I did not think of that myself. Seemed now such an obvious answer. .The Mac repair guy was expecting me to cry about the situation, I could tell this is not the first time telling someone their computer might be dead. He had a long preamble, long explanation and very careful final delivery of words that he could not guarantee the hard drive working and I might have to accept it being dead. He seemed unprepared for a customer response like ok, so it goes. Unprepared for people trying to live like it is possible to experience more than one dimension at once.

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