in the back row

I saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show long ago when it premiered. Barry and I went together, it was Jr. high school and later his mother was pissed off. She searched our faces wanting us to agree with her it wasn’t for kids and that we regretted attending it. Sorry Mrs. Brooker, we liked it and later I bought the soundtrack, not for Tim Curry or Susan Sarandon, it was Richard O’Brien that intrigued me, the writer/ musician creator. Today, I read like other young people in the late 60s, he got a part in the musical Hair, took whatever theatre jobs came up, eventually a gig to perform/sing at an EMI party. He wrote Science Fiction Double Feature for that. It was a great old movie theatre on Portage avenue, where I also saw One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, which was not so easy. It was rated Adult but Phil got me in. He just insistently barked at the cashier in the ticket booth and she caved from his loud voice and took the money. It was magical, because there was no way they should let me in. It’s amazing when you are small and you tell adults how things are and they look back at you like you don’t understand yet how things are and maybe they prove it. Like are there any reliable rules or do people just make it up as they go? Didn’t we learn that from Trump? The theatre was called the Gaiety, not certain about the spelling. Winnipeg’s downtown was exciting to me, unique and meaningful historical spaces. Not too long after that, there was a guy who owned a downtown shoe store, across from the Royal Albert and he bought a grand piano and hired me to improvise on it while people were buying shoes. I suppose he wanted people to know they had stumbled into an alternate reality, just like what Frank-n-Furter offered Brad and Janet.

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