this is not propaganda

Peter Pomerantsev’s book about trolls, borders, manipulation, war is killing me softly with his song. Especially parts that trace electing Duterte in the Philippines and the exact same language of other B movie stars Putin, Trump, Bolsonaro. Funny, to be reading this in-between marking papers about the manager of NSYNC and Backstreet Boys, Lou Pearlman, and his truth allergy while Glen Greenwald’s jouranlistic acumen exposes media narratives surrounding the Rittenhouse trial and questions what’s what’s going on behind truth and fiction. Fortunately, I also found a much needed distraction – Meet The Temptations, and floated away on a cloud of Eddie Kendricks, who, according to Wikipedia, was a space also shared by Kendrick Lamar’s mother at least the day she named her son.

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