snake sunflower soaking

In my dream last night I was in a classroom and the teacher was younger than me and he gave me a plastic container of soil, the kind of container that people would acquire for take out food. Then I noticed a sunflower looking sprout moving out from the soil that swelled into a large snake like looking head until it pressed against the roof of the plastic. There’s a space in some dreams where I’m simply watching the story unfold and can’t predict what happens next. Started working at positioning the class to consider writing poetically instead of simple lyrics, words that describe this or that but don’t utilize the magic of mashing up words. The unexpected juxtapositions are what I wish I could share with them. Got to be good looking ’cause he’s so hard to see or everybody knows the dice are loaded everybody rolls with their fingers crossed or the bed’s too big the frying pan’s too wide. I asked Kyp what he would do and he said look at Hank Williams and have you ever seen a robin weep when the leaves begin to die, he said there’s no such thing as seeing a robin weep and I thought that’ll be the way we do it. Look at the topography of a verse and imitate the structure. Missed the turn off for London Ontario yesterday. I’ve been teaching there four years now but never missed the turn off before. I blame the audio book of Booth by Karen Joy Fowler that was so brilliant I forgot everything else.

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