I know a musician who played for the troops in Afghanistan when Canadian soldiers were there. He was proud of it. Made a comment to me about his experience as though he did something any Canadian musician with a conscience would do. We were at a wedding and it wasn’t polite to say what the fuck is wrong with you, then  again, there’s a lot of layers to every story.


  1. You mean the Western effort to free a people from an oppressive regime, the Taliban?

    I guess some people like the Taliban.


    1. I don’t think anyone likes the Taliban except the Taliban. Do you think the people of Afghanistan wanted to be remade in the image of Canada? Do you think their lives were better when Canadian troops were there? Even reports from the Canadian government affirmed they were not. Do you think a culture where boys were often raped was halted by Canadian influence? It wasn’t. The Western effort to free people from an oppressive regime…I understand that line of thought. I suppose my friend who played for troops there thought the same way.


    2. I think the Taliban likes the Taliban. I don’t think the people do. Pretty unsafe and extreme and medieval. The idea of freeing people from an oppressive regime sounds noble. Why not free people from an oppressive regime, can you? Did we?


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