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A few years ago, while eating lunch at Juice for Life on Bloor, Mariel Hemingway walked in and sat at a booth with her friend. Impossible not to recognize her sculpted face despite Manhattan being decades old. It’s amusing how we have relationships with people we never met in person from listening to their records or seeing their movies or reading their books. When I score a film I might replay a scene fifty times while fine tuning my work and it feels like I developed a real relationship with whoever I’m watching over and over. Later, if I meet them at a cast party often I forget they don’t know me but I’m relaxed like they’re my old pal. I like this phenomena. I feel like I am friends with Erroll Garner and Keith Jarrett and Dory Previn and Sister Rosetta Tharp, they just never knew. I decided not to give Mariel a high five or a wink as I left the restaurant but I so easily could have.

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  1. I’ve found something similar from blogging. Acquaintances I hardly know will say they read mine regularly and they will treat me with such affection, as if we are close friends. It’s quite sweet; a lovely perk. -Kate


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