ally et john

A few people sent me direct messages about the agent business offering new people and agencies I never heard of before. That was great and useful, more useful than the jokes. Then Ally, the violinist who played with Eugene Chadbourne and made a playlist after my book was released, a sequence of songs connecting the stories, Ally, who booked her own Western Canada tour not long ago, offered to do the job. Is that not the best scenario? To work with someone who respects you and your work? So I told her to get lost and never call me back. No, that’s just an early morning joke. Monday is audition night at Yuk Yuks, I’ll be there.
We started a spreadsheet, not least of which because all the new people and agencies I wrote yesterday didn’t yet return my emails. Maybe they will today or next week, maybe it leads somewhere, maybe nowhere – but Ally, who already has a full time job, is ready to make shit happen. So satisfying. As was hearing from the very fascinating John S. Hall, known probably more for his song detachable penis from three decades ago on MTV but in my heart remains the guy I saw at the Rivoli in a fun unique short lived adventure of Toronto and New York artists making a cabaret exchange. John and another guy, who turned out to be the brother of Steve Buscemi (I think someone said that?), stole the show. After a recent exchange he will guest on the Eugene Chadbourne record which is almost complete. I can’t wait to add his contribution, all I need to do is find moments away from teaching at three universities while also advancing my thesis, compared to that time in Banff when the motore died and I had eighteen more shows to complete and a band to feed and another band from California traveling accompanying us, it’s a walk in the park.

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