next algorithm

Next the algorithm played Stuck In The Middle With You which is truly amazing because I would never have cared to remember this song except for the effect Reservoir Dogs had on me and everyone else. It’s not like I still think of that squirmy moment in the film when it comes on, but as a result of all the attention I reconsidered the song. Now I love it plus what little I now know about Gerry Rafferty, who died over ten years ago – but here’s the thing – handclaps. For at least 25 years handclaps have been digital, machine sounding, a crashing steroid infused sound. Not handclaps at all. Real handclaps are puny and flammy. Stuck In The Middle With You has one person clapping. So very worth the price of admission. As soon as I wondered where else would I find it, the Gods of algorithms blessed my drive again and Instant Karma started. Sounds like everyone in the chorus was also a hand clapper, but I don’t know the details except, definitely real palms hitting palms. Beautiful early days of hand clapping power, plus the eternal Alan White’s fills age well, or as all their ghosts say, they all shine on.

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