i’ll wear a mask for you

Last week the presentation was on I’m Your Man by Leonard Cohen. The idea is to study an album and report back on what you learned about the writer’s lyrical talent or if you hated it, report back on why you did not find them very talented. These two students were from India and Taiwan and neither had ever heard of Leonard Cohen. I wondered if they would enjoy learning his work or not. Interestingly, one told the class off the top how bored they were with this material. They called it very uninteresting adding they prefer Kanye West. Their first Power Point slide listed the subjects they found on I’m Your Man, sex, betrayal, power, spirituality and love. It was pleasing when someone soon asked, is that different than what Kanye sings about? In the course of the presentation, the presenting student became more and more a fan of the record he earlier dismissed. The class had a lot of interest discussing every song. NFB doc department missed another great opportunity.

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