if you’re down

I didn’t know the version by The Isley Bros., but it came over the waves and was funkier than the original but just as odd mulling over. I think Stephen Stills sort of captured the hippie anthem in his lyric, maybe nowadays it’s the polyamory badge. I ponder about the young 1960s rock star in California perspective. You could be generous, he might have meant extend compassion to whoever you encounter, otherwise he probably meant fuck whoever’s closest. The opening line positions the young man’s dilemma “if you’re down and confused” and is unexpectedly solved, “love the one you’re with.” Jimi Hendrix plays on it too. I liked the way he wrote Purple Haze but I like that book of misunderstood lyrics even more “s’cuze me while I kiss this guy.” One time a student told me they felt sorry for Bob Dylan that so many people cover his songs, like Hendrix’s version of All Along the Watchtower being more famous than his. So many awesome beautifully stupid things like that to hear in school-land.

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