winnipeg or bladerunner

Planning to visit my mother in Feb and pop into Winnipeg. This time joining a car sharing service instead of renting a car. More choices upcoming that are either or. Airbnb or hotel? North end or south end? Sal’s or Salzbury house? I like comedian Konstantin Kisin and his Youtube channel Triggernometry. After his participation in the Oxford lecture series last week his moment went viral and he’s in the news everywhere. When the interviewer asked about his politics he replied they were non binary. I realized my feelings are the same. Coincidentally, a friend took me out for coffee concerned I don’t identify with the left as much as she feels I should. From my view there’s been too much murder on both sides of the spectrum. Especially these last two years as I study books by Svetlana Alexievich, Anne Applebaum and Mikhail Bulgakov. People think wokeness is a modern day phenomena but canceling and destroying people is as old as time. All those people behind the iron curtain whisked away in the middle of the night for having said the wrong thing or merely accused of it. It’s a very normal conclusion to believe your own time is unique and original, happening for the first time, but in essence is anything ever new? Excluding the career and music of BTS, naturally. My college colleagues freaking out about ChatGPT, insinuating it threatens thought or their ability to know if a student’s paper represents their own ideas. I can’t prove anything, but I bet if their own genes could be traced backwards they would find fears of typewriters destroying cursive, fears of overdubbing destroying live performance or fears of libraries destroying book sales. Rutger Hauer’s beautiful smirk after letting Harrison Ford live, telling him what things he’s seen that would never be believed then dies while releasing a pigeon. Winnipeg or Bladerunner?

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