david crosby pt1

Until reading the obits about David Crosby I never knew he and Graham Nash were the background vocals on Mexico by James Taylor. It explains a lot about that song I never could explain. I had the sense that that doc about David Crosby would be worth viewing but so far have not had access to it. They put out duo albums at one point, Nash and Crosby, Stills and Young. I got both. I loved the Nash and Crosby one more. There was an especially interesting vocal memorial thing David Crosby spearheaded called To The Last Whale. Howard Stern interviewed Neil Young on his show in recent years and sprung accusations on him about hating Crosby but Neil was fortunately not so dumb and thin skinned and replied only with kind words about the two of them not unlike what he wrote on his website the other night. You really think you’re going to mess with Neil Young, Howard Stern? First time I heard Crosby, Stills and Nash was a mystical experience. Captivated my teenage self. All of it. Didn’t know where it came from but wanted to repeat the experience again and again.

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