reichstag fire

The musical trends of various times and places fascinate me for how people embrace them. How they get imitated, perpetuated, believed in even if privately some make critical remarks or fun of it. Watching my daughter and her friends embrace popular music reminds me of my own childhood, similar dynamics. They know all the lyrics by heart, all the dance moves, all the gossip. The anniversary of the Reichstag fire a couple days ago. That’s 90 years since Hitler made his move. The longer I live the more I wonder on the dynamics between authority and conformity and the reactionary. I read once that humans are pack animals like dogs and wolves and most of us get behind whoever is in control. I never thought about it like but since see a lot in that interpretation. Those dynamics. There is a Youtube video where two behavioral scientists demonstrate how naturally people are compelled to lie. If most of the group behaves as though what is right is wrong and what’s wrong is right, then most fall in line rather than go against the pack. I never believed Nazis were a phenomena of Germans or Maoists something about the Chinese or Trump about Americans. In her Oscar winning documentary about Artie Shaw, Bridgette Berman showed how the clarinet during the 1930s was like the electric guitar of the 1960s and how college students rioted over who was more important, Benny Goodman or Artie Shaw.

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