heading to cambridge

Hi Bob,

A buddy of mine, whose daughter was in one of your classes at Western, passed your book on to me. Thanks for an enjoyable and thoughtful read. I meet with some guys every week at a brewery in Cambridge, and we spend a couple hours talking about whatever comes to mind. Once a month or so we discuss a book that someone in the group recommends. Talking about what you read can sound snooty, but to give you an idea, this month we dug into Crime and Punishment, and before that an on-line-only book called the Gig Economy by Zero HP Lovecraft. I just mean that to say we try to hit a range. I wonder if you’d be up to join us at some point and we’d talk about your book and writing.

The group is 5-7 guys in their 40-60’s: a couple professional artists (I’ve told them about your description of grant apps to CCA), a geologist, refrigerant tech, forestry manager. Open-minded, curious and informal.  We usually meet at 330pm Thursday or Friday. If you think it might be work, we’d look for a day in April or May, and cover your gas/travel, beer, and if you feel like some pub food, that, too. And we’d get your book from whatever seller works best for you.

Hope to hear from you soon, and I hope you’re doing well.

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